Are You Instragram User ? Be aware of these features.

Friday, Aug 2021

Instagram, a social media platform under Facebook, is a very popular photo sharing platform. The number of monthly active users of Instagram, which is especially popular among the youth, is around 1 billion.
Instagram is also adding new features keeping in mind the interests, needs and new technologies and features coming to the social media platforms. If you have just started using Instagram, you need to know some basic things about this platform. Here are some tips for beginner Instagram users:
       How to open an account (sign up)?
If you want to open an account on Instagram, here’s how to do it:
1. If you want to use Instagram from desktop, visit Instagram site If you are running Instagram on a mobile app, you should download the app. For that, iPhone users can download the Instagram app from the App Store and Android users can download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store.

2. After opening the Instagram website on the desktop, you can open Instagram from your Facebook account by clicking on Login with Facebook in the login section. If you want to open an Instagram account other than Facebook, you should sign up with your mobile number or email, your name as well as your username and password.
3.You can also login to Instagram from your Facebook account while using Instagram from the mobile app. If you want to open a separate Instagram account from Facebook, you have to open the Android app and go to the option called sign up with email or phone number.
4. Similarly, on iPhone go to ‘Create new Account’.
5. After pressing your email and phone number, click on the ‘Next’ button.
6. After entering your username and password you will need to fill in the profile details. Then press the ‘Done’ button.
7. If you are logging in to Instagram from your Facebook account, you need to login to your Facebook account first.
        How to adjust notifications?
After opening an Instagram account, you can adjust the notification settings so that you only get the information you need. For that –
1. Go to Personal Account (After opening Instagram, click on the profile photo at the bottom right of the mobile screen to open the personal account). Click the menu icon from Personal Account. Then go to settings.
2. After clicking on the Notifications option available there, go to the option called Eggj Lyatshshbatshyalak. You can turn off such notifications if you are frustrated by notifications of likes, comments, reminders, etc. from users who have followed you on Instagram.
    How to connect to other social media
You can share any post you make on Instagram on your social media including Facebook and Twitter. For that you need to connect your Instagram account with other social media and this is only possible from Android and iOS apps. To connect Instagram with Facebook
1. Go to Settings where you have an Instagram account and tap on Account
2. Tap on Sharing to Other Apps option
3. Enter your Facebook login details by tapping on Facebook there
4. Tap the Continue button and then Yes, Finish Setup.
After doing so, you will have the option to share the post on Facebook while posting on Instagram.
Like Facebook, you can share your Instagram posts on other platforms.
     If you want to unlink your previously added Facebook account from Instagram:
Go to Profile and tap on Settings
Tap on the Account there and click on the Sharing Other Apps option
Tap on Facebook option and then on Accounts Cebter
After selecting your account connected to Instagram, click on Remove From Accounts Cenber
Click on Continue option and finally click on Remove
       How to upload, edit and post photos on Instagram
New Instagram users are also confused about how to upload photos. Here’s how to upload and edit photos:
1. After opening your Instagram app, press the ‘+’ button in the middle of the bottom of the mobile screen.
2. Here you will find three options. In which to select a photo from one gallery, take another instant photo and take instant video. Let’s say we chose a photo from the gallery. Then press the ‘Next’ button.
3. Now the two options ‘Filter’ and ‘Edit’ come up again. Instagram first shows the filter option. There are a variety of filter options, one of which is to select a filter but to increase or decrease the effect you have to double-click on the filter you like.
4. Now click on Edit. In it you can adjust the contrast, brightness, warmth, etc. of the photo. After making the necessary edits to the photo, press the Next button at the top right.
5. Now comes the option to write captions, tag and place locations. Similarly, if you want to share on Facebook or other social networks, the option also comes. After pressing the share button, the photo is uploaded to Instagram.

        How to put a photo or video in a story?
1. To open a photo or video in Story, open Instagram and go to the camera icon at the top left of the mobile screen.
2. Clicking on it gives you the option to take a photo or video immediately. Similarly, at the bottom of the left side, there is a square shaped sign showing the photo of the gallery. You can select a photo or video from your phone’s gallery by clicking on the same icon.
3. After selecting the photo, click on it. Then on the right side you will see various photo editing options, including location, hashtag, time, date and emoji. You can write something on the photo by hand from the pencil tool and you can also write letters by going to the text tool.
4. After editing the photo as required, it can be posted on Thatcher Story in Sand To.
      How to return a deleted post?
First go to your profile Go to the menu button at the top right of the profile and click on Settings
The ‘Recently deleted’ option appears in the Account option, click on it.
Shows if it has a recently deleted post.
Click on the post you want to bring back. Then click on the three drop icon at the top.
There is an option to delete or bring back the post permanently. In this case, when you click on the ‘restore’ option, a one-time code is sent to the mobile or email to confirm that you are for security. After entering that code, you can return the recently deleted post by pressing the ‘confirm’ button.

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